Sonny Malhotra

Old St Studio

I own a small, but useful, home-based studio near Old St tube, London N1.
It's ideal for portrait shoots, simple fashion shoots, head shots and small product shots. It's also been used to film several music videos including The Last Skeptik's Lullaby, featuring Jehst and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly's Daylight Robbery.

The studio is available to anyone wishing to rent it for very reasonable rates, with discounts for students and test shoots. 

The space has a 12 foot wide white paper roll background.

Also available are
2x Bowens 500 watt flash heads, 
various light modifiers,
2500 watts (3 heads) of video (continuous) lighting (daylight balanced) - 3 soft boxes.

Drop me an email at  [email protected] with any enquiries.

Home studio